BASABI was born with the aim of popularizing classical music and projecting the txalaparta outside its usual domain, creating spectacles that are accesible and allow space for experimentation.

This unusual group, which constantly looks to explore the sound potential of its instruments, is a space of artistic rendezvous and creation (an approach applied since 2018, based on a desire to reach out to a varied audience and foster people’s appreciation of instrumental music).

Basabi’s first disc – Kronos – gives the stone txalaparta a leading role, in which it can deploy all its resources through minimalist compositions influenced by film music that echo those of Hans Zimmer or Philip Glass. These sounds open up a path towards introspection in a society marked by technological change and new forms of communication.

Maria Mendoza’s compositions and arrangements for the group set the mood Basabi sets out to convey. The CD, recorded and mastered by Ernesto Maestro in “Estudios Tio Pete” in September 2020, involved the collaboration of Javier Bejarano, a member of the Asturias-based group “Galgo”, for the electro-acoustic arrangements.

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19/12/2021 19:30h BILBAO | Teatro Campos Elíseos | KUPULA ARETOA
06/11/2021 19:00 BERANGO
04/08/2021 NOIA (Galicia) Festival internacional de Arpa
16/07/2021 Otsagabia
15/05/2021 USURBIL

26/03/2021 BILBAO | Festival Loraldia
21/03/2021 Teatro Victoria Eugenia Antzokia | Colaboración con KALAKAN

05/03/2021 VILLAVA (Navarra)
31/01/2021 BILBAO (Bilborock)
03/08/2020 BERMEO Semana Musical de Bermeo | Iglesia Sta. María
01/08/2020 Elorrio | Musikaire | San Roke
26/07/2019 Mikrofilm Short Festival
17/05/2019 Txalaroa 2019
9/02/2019 Berangoko Antzokia
29/12/2018 Pueblo | Festival Santas Pascuas | Pamplona
10/11/2018 Bakun | Teatro del Andrés Isasi Musika Eskola | Getxo
19/05/2018 Bakun | Festival Maritimo | Pasaia

Previous shows

basabi bakun


Bakun is a journey to the music of the lands of northern Europe. In Bakun we join borders between Scandinavian and Basque music, using classical instruments and the txalaparta as catalysts.

basabi pueblo


Pueblo is an artistic, multidisciplinary and multi-faceted project that originates from a dialogue between a musical proposition of the group BASABI and the painting and conceptual construction of the Navarrese artist Mikel Belascoain. The proposition is multi-faceted because it offers a framework able to accommodate changes and mutations that can be adapted to a theatrical classical programme and also to a number of urban and street scenarios.